About OET

The occupational test is an international English language test for healthcare sector.  It assesses the language communication skills of health care professional who wish to register and practice in English speaking environment.

It is available for the following 12professions – Dentistry, Dietetics, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational therapy, Optometry, Pharmacy, speech pathology, and veterinary science.


OET recognised by regulatory healthcare bodies and councils in Australia, New zealand , Singapore, Canada , and  Philippines. Ireland and UK are the two countries who recognised it, recently.

Many organisations, including hospitals, universities and colleges, are using OET as proof of a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively in a demanding healthcare environment.

Additionally, OET is recognised by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection for a number of visa categories, including work and student visas.


OET provides a valid and reliable assessment of all four language modules – Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking – with an emphasis on communication in medical and health professional settings. OET consists of four sub-tests –

  • Listening (approximately 50 minutes)
  • Reading (60 minutes)
  • Writing (45 minutes)
  • Speaking (approximately 20 minutes).



OET grade Description of ability
A Very high level of performance
B High level of performance, i.e. able to use English with fluency and accuracy adequate for professional needs
C Good level of performance; however, not acceptable to a range of health and medical councils
D Moderate level of performance; requires improvement
E Low level of performance; requires considerable improvement


Some Facts –

  • Listening and reading are common in OET test for all of the 12c professions.
  • Writing and speaking is profession specific.

Dreamer destinations for OET test?

  • We provide customised classes for each and every individual student.
  • We are flexible enough to provide classes as per students’ conviencicy.
  • We have researched material and work on each and every skills of and individual.
  • In initial classes we work on enabling skills that are fundamentals for all the four core skills then in subsequent classes we assesses students in exam like atmosphere.
  • After 15 Days of classes we conduct mock tests so that students would be accustomed with the exam conditions.
  • We have online and offline support where our experts guide students and help them inculcating those core skills.