1. Evaluation of Documents

Once you visit bring along your documents we will evaluate at that time and give you a clear picture of which all countries and universities you are eligible for. We access the documents according to the eligibility criteria of the colleges and university.

2. University/College short listing

Once the evaluation is done we will short list the universities for you in which you can get admission easily depending on your profile.

3. Documents Reviewing

Before submission all the required documents would be reviewed. IF any editing any changes required to be done it would be done.

4. Final Review and submission

A final review would be done and then submitted to the university as the application.

5. Interview and File preparation

Interview preparation, file preparation would be done according to the requirement of the Embassy.  Preparations or mock sessions will be done before the interview to give you a feel of what exactly the interview would be like.

6. Visa Interview

on the final day you go prepared for the interview.